Kate Ingham

Kate is a Coach & mentor with Aussie Online Entrepreneurs. Kate has an Amazon business located in the US, Canada and Australia. She is the Principal of Ki Media, which consults to Australian startups and has worked with hundreds of early stage entrepreneurs assisting them to establish their new business.

Sue Josephson

Sue Josephson is our “eBay Queen”. With over 13 years of eBay selling experience, she can assist in eBay account setup and guide you through creating the perfect listing to make sales. She is also able to provide personalised HTML eBay descriptions to make your listings pop. Sue sells online in Australia on both eBay and Amazon as well as her own website.

Cat Gurung

Cat is our Product Photographer. Her passion for photography meant she travelled the world working onboard luxury cruise ships. She has owned a Brisbane-based Wedding Photography business and now operates her Amazon business. As the saying goes ’A picture is worth a thousand words’