Tik Tok LaunchesTiktok is a social media platform that has over 500 million active users, surpassing both Twitter and Snapchat in global popularity. The video platform allows users to create 60-second videos to popularised songs and offers users the opportunity of internet fame. 

Tiktok is a user-driven platform and is not saturated by advertisements like their other competitors, presenting marketers with a unique and dwindling opportunity. If your brand is trying to stay current and relevant with a younger target market, you should seriously consider Tiktok.

How can you use this platform for marketing?

  1. Create your own account, incorporating your product into content that is relevant and trendy
  2. Work with popular influencers who can make videos using your product to bring awareness of your product to your target demographic 
  3. Pay for advertisements on Tiktok

Most brands should do a combination of these marketing tactics in order to drive traction to their product. Here are some ideas you could utilise if you are confident your target market engages in TikTok;

While TikTok won’t work for all brands as a successful marketing platform, it is a new and exciting platform that can generate sales if utilised well!