We all know that we want to sell our products or services on Facebook, but how exactly does one do this?

There’s bit of a science to it, but I’m here to help break it down for you, no need to panic.

The easiest way to think about it, is to keep in the back of your mind:

‘social media is for being social’.

This way, you will always have in your mind that your customers are coming to Facebook to see photos of their families, to catch up on gossip, to be entertained or ‘maybe’ to learn something.

With this in mind, here are 60 ideas to inspire you.

Whenever you’re posting, remember to keep it on brand  – meaning, that it makes sense to your customers and they automatically know it’s from you, because you have similar colours, or fonts, or your logo is there, or you have a similar vibe to your posts e.g. funny, serious, minimalistic, colourful, boho, beachy, corporate etc. 

Share a Tip

People love consuming tips and expert advice. If there’s anything you think would be helpful for your followers – share it.

Ask your customers to tag you when they post your product and use their content for yourself.

Share a positive image/meme/ quote.

Remember to acknowledge the person who has created to post.

Share a video.

Videos on Facebook

Video currently get’s shown better in the Facebook algorithm more than any other type of post. If you type in a keyword from your business in the search bar, then scroll across to videos, click there and you’ll be given 100’s of them. Have a look at them to see if they are appropriate for other page and they aren’t selling a competing product or service to yours.  

Behind the scenes

We all love to know the what’s goes on behind closed doors! Let your followers take a peek. Who takes your photographs? Who does the packaging? Drives your truck?

One of my most liked photos is of the Australia Post guy delivering my card decks!


Dig into your memories and share an image to give a throwback to your followers. Go back and see what got a lot of likes previously and give it another whirl. Even though we don’t use #’s on Facebook, themes like #throwbackthursday, or #tgif (thank god it’s Friday) are popular. 

Be unique

Try to be creative. Show a different angle of the image you already have. Hold your camera up high, take a panorama shot, try ant’s eye view, give a close-up shot.

Tease a little

Is your new blog post about to come?

Are you launching a new product?

Are you excited for an event?

Are you going to travel next year?


Video time!

Videos are simple. Just create a video about anything and share it. There are many video ideas to choose. Record a video of yourself. Shoot a video of your blog. Record a video with your friend — a short video of your cute puppy.

What’s the story?

People are always interested in knowing the details, and background of the product or service. How did you come up with the idea? Whatever is the story, share it with your followers.

Chat to your customers

Choose any related topic and post a picture to start a conversation with your audience. Directly, communicate with them. Give them a reason to answer you.

Make sure, the picture grabs the attention of users, and it’s in line with  your branding.

Ask the questions.

We all know that questions increase Instagram engagement. So, think about the next question you’re going to ask your followers?

Most importantly, the question should get an answer from the followers. I have given you a list of 50 conversation starters to inspire you. 


Being funny is okay. People want to be entertained on social media. Adding a funny graphic, or a meme are few examples. You can also share a funny story from your life. Or, any bloopers, blunders.

Give someone a shout out

If you are on social media, that means you have social connections. Mention someone else on your profile. Post a picture of their work, and tag them. Possibilities are that next time; you will get featured on someone else profile.

Are you anywhere else? 

Did you write a new blog?

Let your customers know that they can also follow you on other platforms.

Have you been on holiday?

Even if you want to go on holidays, people love seeing and drooling over lovely holiday pictures.

Have you been to a new place recently?

Share it and tag them in. 

Get flat out

If you’ve been on social media business pages, you might have seen a lot of flat lay images.

Now, it’s your turn to take a flat lay shot of your products.

What’s your morning glory?

Let your followers know your morning routine. Maybe, a cup of coffee, newspapers, or an alarm.

Be Google for a day

Do you know that ‘How-to’ video tutorials are most watched online? If you have not ever created a tutorial before, do it now.

What’s on your desk?

Do you have a daily job? Or, are you self-employed? Or, maybe working from home? Capture an image of your work and share it.

Is it Prada darling?

This might be more relevant to fashion, and lifestyle products. But, who cares? If you got dressed up well for any outing, take a full image of yourself and share it.

Show us your fur babies!

People love seeing cute posts of pets.

If you have got a pet, then make him ready to pose for some social media shots.

Flowers are lovely.

Flowers always look pleasing to the eyes. There are lots of ideas to use flowers in an image. Even a single shot of flower is enough to attract customers.

Tell about a product that you love.

Have you fallen in love with any tool, accessory, or book? Tell your followers about it. How was your experience wearing that jewellery? Were the shoes comfortable?

Will you recommend people to try the new App?

Did you have a DIY weekend?

Have you ever did a DIY project? Anything small that you did to decorate your workplace, closet, home, kitchen etc. Just take a snapshot of DIY and share it.

Shout it from the rooftops!

Create customised social media graphics that go with their brand colour and theme. Pick any referral, review, or a testimonial and announce it.

Who is someone you like to follow?

Let your customers know who you follow in seeking inspirational content.

It can be a gorgeous Instagram influencer, any blogging friend, or a brand. 

Be an angel

Ever seen a wall art, or a gorgeous background? Why not take a photograph and display it on your feed?

Do you have a local?

Whatever your go-to destination is, share a snapshot of it. Doesn’t it look nice to look at new localities of your area? Of course, everybody loves to see beautiful sights.

Manage your time.

Everybody struggles to get organised, and manage time. What is the one tip you’d like to give to your followers on time management?

Shoes and handbags, what is it with these? We LOVE them!

Got a cute pair of shoes? Your Instagram profile needs it! Take a bird’s eye view of your pretty shoes and share. You can do the same with any artistic floor.

Who are you?

If you are not camera shy then sharing a personal photo in a week can be an excellent idea. Followers often like to know who they are following, and what you do every day. Just take a selfie of post a random image of yourself doing something.

Celebration time!

There can be several reasons to celebrate a milestone. You can share a celebration for hitting the monthly goals, selling heaps of products, one year in business, etc.

Create a customised image or choose any image from your phone gallery.


This is pretty obvious. You can use Canva to create customised quotes or use Pinterest to find out some awesome motivational quotes.

What do you like to watch or listen to?

As said, your followers need to know your personal side too. What are you currently watching? The current Tv show, or podcasts.

Challenge your tribe.

Facebook can be a lot of fun for hosting challenges. It could be a 30-day image posting challenge or sharing themed images. You can follow a theme and encourage other friends to do the same. 

Share where you started.

What was the reason you started using Facebook? Who are you? Every other day, we all get new followers. It’s possible that a lot of people don’t know who you are, and what you do. It’s always a good idea to introduce yourself once a month.

Bookworms unite!

Have you finished reading a book? Write a caption about it. Tell your followers whether they should read it or not. We all know that books can be an excellent prop for images. With one book, you can take several shots. It’s time to be little creative and polish your photography skills.


What’s your goal for the week/month? Let your followers know about it.

Maybe, you would like to do a live story or record a youtube video, or pitch to a few brands etc.

Feature your customer

We all have some amazing followers who always interact and are still excited to see your new image. Feature your best follower on your account.

Give some love to your followers. You can even do a challenge so that everybody participates and you can find out the highly engaged follower.

Give people incentives to join your email list.

You should give a clear idea of what you send in your emails. It helps them to decide whether they should subscribe to your emails, or not.


People love taking and doing polls. It helps to make better decisions for your products and for your business. Every once in a while, do polls. Create an image of two things and ask people what they like best. Things like these also increase engagement on your profile.

Get their opinion

Always know that your customers are most important to you. So, involve them in everything you do. They can be a great source to collect feedback or opinions. Even if you wish to launch a new product, use another social media channel or start another business venture. You can take the opinion of your followers. It can even be a photography idea, a course idea, or trying a new restaurant in the town etc.

How to…

Just create a photo collage of step by step images of performing a task.

You can even record a short video of doing an activity.

Product focussed content

Whatever theme you follow, try to produce content that is based on your main product. Try different ideas and promote your main product. You can try multiple ways of using a product etc.


Share statistics. Just google to find statistics in your niche. Make sure you credit the source.

What’s happening right now!

Are there any local events evening you are going to attend? Or, any seasonal holiday event on the weekends? Cover it.

Fitness time

Maintaining a fitness routine is always challenging. Some fitness tips, meditation, and body exercises are always helpful. No matter what theme you follow, it’s nice to share healthy fitness ideas. Your photo can have the same theme, but the caption can have the advice.


People love to get free incentives, offers, information and quality resources. Is there anything free you offer on your blog/website?

Share it with your fans. Maybe, they didn’t know about it.

Give them details about the freebie.

Website / Blog tour

Maybe, you’ve got a personal blog where you share tidbits of daily life. Or, you are a business owner of an online shop. Or, maybe you’ve got a youtube channel. Do a visual tour of your online web space.

Let people know about your other activities.

Winner winner chicken dinner!

Share your wins. Have you got 2000 Facebook likes on your page? Did you manage to work for 5 hours every day? Did you get a prize? Have you started to work on a new project idea?

Whatever it is – share your wins with your fans.

Go a la natural

Nature photography is always breathtaking. And, nature always feels pleasant to the eyes. Share images of green grass. The exotic landscapes. Any portrait which gives a fresh air of breath.


Be a storyteller for your audience. Tell a story through your camera eye. Whether it’s a product or a human being, you can have the opportunity to share a story with your audience.

Family and friends

Share a photograph of yourself with family. Tell a little bit of themselves and what family matters to you. Or, do you have a crazy BFF? Maybe, share a funny moment with him/her.

Keep an eye on what’s happening around you.

In almost every month, there are some holidays. If you look at the national calendar, you will find several celebration days.

Tea time!

It’s pretty common that everybody shares images of mugs and coffee cups.

But, the fact is, we always love those images, right?

If not, bring your smoothie glass!

Share a story about your journey.

Where were you born and how did you get to this place in your business?


What do your customers want to know?

Give them the answers.

Share your challenge.

We all have ups and downs. Humanise yourself and connect with your clients.

Interview someone.

Share your expertise with another.

Got any more ideas? We would love to hear from you!