I always recommend setting up your first Amazon account in Australia. It’s easier to get approved than other marketplaces and  you have immediate access to the Amazon https://sellercentralsetup.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2021/08/preview-gallery-Amazon-Yellow-Tile.pngistration website www.sellercentral.amazon.com.au once your account setup is underway.

Once you have set up in Australia you can use the “Sell Globally” feature found under the “Inventory Tab” and set up in the USA and other places. The Global Selling feature is good as it’s one flat fee for multiple marketplaces. Note that to set up an Amazon account in the UK you need a VAT number, and if you don’t your account will be suspended, and I’ve seen Amazon also suspend every other marketplace at the same time so do be carefully where you set up!

There is currently a bug in the “Global Selling” option in the USA. If you start with your first account in the USA you can’t set up an account anywhere else through Global Selling without getting all accounts suspended. Amazon are working on this so I hope it will be fixed soon.